Baby & Beta

It’s been way too long since I blogged. So to catch up…

The day we left for our annual Florida camping trip, I found out I’m pregnant. Naturally I was nervous at first but next week is my ultrasound and hopefully we’ll find out the gender. It’s going fast, much faster than with Simon, but I also felt like it took a year to get to this point in my pregnancy with him, because it basically did.

Since Simon turned one I considered when to have another. Having a walking 12-month old with no attention span or attention to objects in his path helped with the decision. I was always chasing him around, especially when we were at other people’s not Simon-proof homes. Also, Neil was thinking about going to India in the summer so I didn’t want to be due then. I went back and forth, weighing other details like time of year, which weren’t really in my control anyway, but realized this was not important especially compared to our readiness for another.


I knew we were ready when Neil said “So if you got pregnant soon we’d find out in Florida? That’d be exciting.”

Simon still dives toward his destinations, but his balance has improved and so has his attention span. Maybe we’re in the calm before the terrible twos, but he’s very fun and funny. He tells me his shirts are “Not cool, Mama” if he doesn’t want to get dressed, and tries to sneak away by taking tiny steps. He talks about cows all the time but is terrified of real cows and the grocery store with the cow by the dairy case. He’s talking so much and says all his friends’ names and can sit still for books. He’s also obsessed with condiments and will dip almost any food in any sauce, including strawberries with ranch, and broccoli with ketchup. If Neil’s home, he just wants dad which is nothing that new; he’s been all about dad at least since he could crawl. This is nice for me now and will be even better when the baby comes. And Neil’s loves playing with Simon. I think they’re a lot alike, though time will tell, and for now they’re good buddies.


We are dealing with typical toddler rebellion like throwing things, saying no (or no way), and he just started spitting. But enough about babies.

I also joined a high school home church called Beta. It was planted from the high school group I used to help with a little less than two years ago. About 5 or 6 guys started a Bible study called Beta since they went to a different high school than most of the group. Now there are two churches of twenty-some kids meeting weekly, plus smaller girls’ and guys’ groups.

The first time I went to Beta I was struck by how different it is from what you see in the high school cafeteria. There were band kids, jocks, nerds, “normals,” show choir kids, delinquent-looking kids, awkward kids…not just sitting in the same room but encouraging each other, interacting, and sharing their excitement about knowing Jesus.beta camping 2

If my adult home church suddenly started acting like they do–constantly quoting Bible verses to each other, scheduling meetings and activities almost every day, affirming one another so often—I would probably think people were acting super-spiritual. But no, this is for real, these kids are new believers who can’t even contain their joy. And I’m so old and jaded it almost seemed fake at first!

beta camping 3

It’s a great privilege to be involved in Beta and I hope to be of help there. It’s strange going in as one of the oldest leaders, with college co-leaders looking to me for advice even though I’m new. But regardless of my role, there is clearly a spiritual movement going on and I’m excited to see what happens next.

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