It’s a Girl!

From a month or two into this pregnancy, Neil was convinced the baby was a girl. I didn’t have a strong feeling about it, and to everyone who asked “what I wanted” I could honestly say I didn’t know or care. On one hand I love having a boy, but I grew up in a household of mostly girls (4 to 1) so I know all about girls! As Neil maintained his conviction about the girl, I started to be convinced. When the ultrasound showed a healthy baby girl, Neil smiled and said, “I’m not surprised. I knew it.”

Two days later, he said, “I’m scared.” I guess parents, especially fathers, feel more protective of girls.

Right now I’m just excited. And relieved that the anatomy scan showed everything normal. I’m also sort of relieved not to have boys two years apart. That might be a little much, although I’m sure the girl drama will be a little much, too. Maybe I’m scared, too, but more because Simon is so much like Neil, I’m afraid our girl will have my personality. I know it doesn’t work like that but the idea of dealing with a mini-me is frightening!

I feel kind of lame for always blogging about babies now. I’m just surrounded (& pregnant) with it. On our block I know of 11 kids age four & under, and five more on the way (including triplets, yikes!). Outside our neighborhood, three more friends are pregnant, and others are trying. The playgroup we go to has about 35 moms & kids in it now. Then we know another playgroup of people from the library story time. So many kids!



Simon seems to remember there’s something about a baby going on though I’m sure he doesn’t really understand. He does call my stomach the “baby house” which he coined after I told him the baby lives in there. I’ve tried to get him to feel her kick, but his hand is so little, his attention span so short, and he thinks the suggestion means he should start kicking.

I’m interested to see how our home church will change once all these babies arrive. Currently there are 8 families with a total of 11 kids and 4 more on the way. Maybe the 4 more won’t make a big difference, especially with only 1 being the first of the family. But we’re going to have to come up with some new solutions for home church babysitting, plus form separate nursery and toddler classes for our bigger meeting. Beyond logistics, I wonder how everyone will fare with trying to serve others while also taking care of our families. This is certainly my plan but I don’t know what exactly it’ll look like. I guess that’s why we walk by faith, not by sight.

In the high school ministry, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the girls and figured out whom I should disciple. Now I just need to win the two girls to this idea. I feel a bit awkward, being so much older and newer to the group, but I’ve had good, long conversations with both so hopefully that means I’m gaining their trust. They each have a lot of potential but they’re very different from each other, so I’m not sure if I should try to meet with them together or separately. Need to pray about that.

In other news, Neil is going to India on a sort of short-term missions trip. He’ll visit a pastor’s conference, a children’s home, maybe a village where they are working, and also teach and share his testimony of coming to Christ. Three other guys from the home church are also going. While I’m excited for him and the experiences and insight he’ll bring back, I’m looking forward to him returning safely home. It’ll be a long week and half without him. Luckily it doesn’t fall too close to my due date.

We also went to the Xenos Summer Institute in July, where famous apologists John Lennox and William Lane Craig spoke. Neil’s mom babysat Simon and I sort of felt like my intellectual self again. And no pumping this year! Next year I’ll probably have a baby in tow so I tried to live it up and went to every session. Neil took a seminary class in tandem with the conference, taught by John Lennox! A week after we got back, we went on vacation to Michigan with two other families. Simon had a blast at the beach, swimming, picking blueberries, at the dunes, eating ice cream, and just playing with his friends all week. We also saw an old steam engine and toured a ship that was in D-Day. I took some awesome naps, read a whole book (Behind the Beautiful Forevers), stayed awake for a whole movie (Seal Team Six), went to South Haven with the ladies (all pregnant), and learned the National Dance Day routine before National Dance Day, for the first time. Each couple took a turn cooking for everyone and we took turns going on dates/babysitting. Neil said his favorite part of the trip was Simon. Watching him have so much fun was a thrill. It was a good trip, but I’m glad to be back home.


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