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Peace Movements

Back in ’71 when 8-tracks were the rage, one album I kept looping forever on my brand new player contained the song “Peace Train”, by Cat Stevens (from “Teaser and the Firecat” – which means – I give up). Everyone sang it – Dolly Parton, 10,000 Maniacs, people in the shower, on the street. It […] Continue reading

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Cool Tools

As I recently explained in my Hermeneutics class, there are “tools” and then “Cool Tools”. If you get your hands on the Cool Tools, reading God’s Word becomes infinitely more exciting. People think the Bible is boring only because Google and Facebook turned reading into a mind-numbing, button-pushing, exercise in futility—the Bible has no “likes” […] Continue reading

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Frack the World!

It seems like Ohio is at the center of global events these days. Few appreciate how Ohio may soon play a significant role destroying Western Civilization as we know it, while at the same time toppling the world’s Oil Cartels. Allow me to introduce the multi-factorial sides of Ohio, “The heart of it all.” Ohio: […] Continue reading

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Jesus vs. the Taliban

When Taliban gunmen recently shot a 14-year-old girl in the head, it triggered shock and awe across the world, even in Pakistan where the Taliban is favored. The real surprise is why anyone was surprised. An organization that suppresses female education and freedom is ruthless towards at least 50% of the population. The little girl […] Continue reading

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What would happen if Christians rioted every time their Savior and Lord was insulted? Western civilization would be reduced to ashes, I think. It raises the question of why Christians seem so apathetic about blasphemy—it even begs the question why Jesus was so apathetic about it. Is it apathy, or wisdom? 50 Shades of Blasphemy […] Continue reading

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Church vs. God

Today’s Great Migration away from religious institutions is good news, if you think about it.  Our most ancient struggle is between religious traditions and God’s Word, and all religious persecution was ignited by the traditionalists. Murderous Traditions Anyone with a primitive knowledge of religious history should not be surprised that Cain was the father of […] Continue reading

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The Babylonian Captivity of the Church

Church Membership continues to inflict a horrific cost on the Christian faith. What’s the use?

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The Couch-Potato Wars

Our reputation for “American Innovation” and “Yankee Know-How” was justified again when the world discovered America was the first to launch Cyber Warfare. It’s an entirely new dimension to war, but a logical progression from Predator Drone attacks where soldiers sitting at terminals in Langley, Virginia hunt and kill Al Qaida terrorists on the other […] Continue reading

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Monasticism in 60 Minutes

Young people from Christian backgrounds are flocking to ancient monasticism (called “neomonasticism” , and certainly not related to NeoXenos), pushed along by Emergent Village luminaries like Brian McLaren and Tony Jones. These authors call for retreating into the “Retro Dark Ages” of Christianity when our freedom in Jesus Christ was suffocated by mindless rituals and […] Continue reading

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Spoiled, Rich Kids

It’s graduation time for millions of spoiled, little rich kids celebrating the completion of their brainwashing. Is it too hard to believe? Not according to God’s Word, which claims “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving.” If this is true, then how does it work? “A mind is a terrible […] Continue reading

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The Toronto Experience – the quest for Pagan Christians

What happened when NeoXenos went to Toronto? For one thing, pimps and brothels got legalized…

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Imparting Outlaw Faith – training in spiritual warfare

Ravenous wolves oppose the emancipation of humanity, so how do we impart a fighting spirit into new generations of Jesus People?

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Whoopi Gets Hot on Sex – Driscolls vs. Postmoderns on The View

Poor Mark Driscoll. Really, I mean it this time. He and his beautiful wife Grace sat down yesterday on a beehive of irritated TV personalities on The View. The Driscolls were barely introduced before co-host Joy Behar asked why they oppose homosexuals “having fun.” “Nice to meet you too, Joy,” Driscoll should have said. Whoopi […] Continue reading

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Living Alone Together – new marriage alternatives

Those of you tired of marriage can opt to “Live Alone Together”. Does it make any sense?

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