Spiritual Irrationality

Although the laws of the spiritual realm are logical, have you ever thought about how irrational we are in relation to the spiritual realm?

We know God is the supreme creator and that he knows what is best for us. Rationality would tell us that the creator knows the creation better than anyone. Yet, we constantly turn our back on God’s way.

If a computer programmer creates a program and we are having a problem using the program, we consult the creator of the program for help. That is the rational response, rather than changing the code ourselves. The creator may know a simple way to correct the problem.

Why do we not have the same type of rational response for spiritual things? I think it is because of the spiritual battle that is perpetually being fought. The darkness wants us to discard that rationality when it comes to serving God. It mixes in lies and somehow our notion of rationality is clouded.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Irrationality

  1. I like how Paul put it: “the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God” (1 Cor. 3:19). We have our own sense of reason which is fallen, and leads us to think we know better than God does.

    This may not be relevant to your post, but it’s interesting that love isn’t purely rational; it’s also very emotional. Christ’s choice to die for us doesn’t make sense because we aren’t worth it. His sacrifice only makes sense in light of his great (and irrational) love for us. While our love for others is based on reason (he first loved us), it should also be emotional and that’s not rational when we love the unloveable or those who have hurt us.

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