The High Preistly Prayer

so I was at home church last night and was reminded of John 17. Craig taught on unity and I always think about how when Christ prayed for the church one of the things he prayed for was unity. He even answered the first question I would have. “Why did he pray for unity?”

    “The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. ”

If I can boil this down into what I think this verse is saying.

    We have been given Christ’s glory, so that we can be unified together, with the kind of unity that Christ has with the father. Christ is in us so that this unity can be perfected, not just for the sake of unity alone but, so that those who haven’t yet believed can see this mystic union between us and know that it must be from God, and that God loves us, like he loves His own Son.

      I really like this verse, it really hammers home just how important our unity is and why it is important. If being unified is as important for our witness as Christ laid it out to be, then being disunified must be devestating. I don’t know why this passage is really hitting my heart right now but, I can say that it is a beautiful thing to be in the body of Christ, especially when you see this unity in action, working together towards the common goal of reaching the weary, downtrodden souls of the world with the Love that Christ put in us.

    I have recently been through alot and I’ve felt alone and seperated at times, having lost some relationships I considered my closest. I’ve found though that the relationships i’m building now are of a higher quallity than any I’ve previously known. There is a more substantial love. I do pray that we are perfected in unity and that this unity will cast a light on the dark reaches of the world. Praise God that in his wisdom he has found a way to unite sinners in love. It is truly only something He could pull off.

Mother Earth

So I was catching up on some news online and ran accross this quote “The enduring hostility to wolves still exists,” said Earthjustice attorney Doug Honnold, who is preparing the lawsuit. “We’re going to have hundreds of wolves killed under state management. It’s a sad day for our wolves.” Sound like a bad movie to anyone else?
This quote comes from a story about taking wolves off of the endangered species list. I can’t help but think of that “grizzly man” character. Coming from a guy who always liked wolves and has watched this whole “re-population thing” go down, these people are crazy. Their main argument against taking these wolves off the endangered species list is becuase people still don’t like them?
I think the thing that makes me laugh about the above quote is how this lawyer comes off like people should really love wolves, I get this picture in my head of somebody sending their children off to play with the wolves while mama fixes supper and finishes the daily laundry.


defenseless Mother Nature In desperate need of our help!

Aren’t there some things in life we’re suppossed to be hostile towards?

There was a time when fighting wasn’t the worst thing a man could do, and when not liking animals that can and will eat your children was acceptable. I understand that sometimes people errored on the side of too much hostility but post-modern america keeps telling me not to get mad about anything but the christian right and people harming the environment.
Well thanks but no thanks, I think I should decide what is worth being mad at. That’s probably the most freightening thing to post modern thinkers, and why christians should pose a threat. We should be able to choose against the wave of common thought, a feat that today’s soceity, like every society of old, does not like.

All My Children

So as some of you may have heard, I am going to soon be a father. I have to say that i’ve been pretty freaked out. There are alot of things I don’t know about kids and somehow i’m still allowed to raise one. This feels something like letting me wire a house. I’ve seen electrical wires, A few of my teachers in high school talked about how they work but I wasn’t really paying attention. I’m not saying that wiring a house is an impossible task for me but I don’t feel like it’s gonna go all that smoothly.

It is pretty cool though, don’t get me wrong I’m pretty excited. I actually have some experience with kids. My mom babysat children since I can remember so I’ve grown up playing and messing with little children. Kids are both the most awesome kind of people and the most annoying. Their awesome because of their energy and eagerness to relate and their innocent little view of the world. Their annoying becuase they have waaay more energy than me and can also be incredibly fussy little brats. I’ve always been able to enjoy the one and avoid the other. I would get my little cousins all wound up at holiday parties, messin with their heads and just acting crazy, then when I was tired I could simply go home and not worry at all that they now thought indoor soccer was a good idea.

    but now I am the one who has to deal with the whining and the crying and the “michael’s making faces at me!”. I also want to raise my kids to see how awesome it is when people get together and live out the love of Christ in a way that is inviting and welcoming to the culture, without comprimising any of their beleifs and convictions. Problem is that i’m not sure I’ve got that one nailed myself. So I was really glad when I showed up to love ethics and Keith’s mom was there to teach about raising kids in today’s culture.

      She had some really awesome things to say, things that seemed to be right on target for a christian who wanted to be effective in their childrens lives. It also made me realize that while I have been reading some secular books on kids I haven’t really dived into any christian literature on the subject. I guess It’s about time to start gettin that goin.

      What should mike do?

      So I’ve basically wasted today. I slept untill 1pm and then didn’t really accomplish anything. I’m not really good at the whole “not working” thing. The problem is that when there is literaly nothing that must get done on a day, I tend to not be motivated to do anything.
      So I’ve decided that I should make my decisions American Idol style. Please cast your vote for what Mike should do tommorow by posting a comment with the number of your selection in it.

        1. do something funny to mess with marc.(like make an army of snowmen and place them in tight ranks in his garage or move all the buttons on his pants in 1 inch)

        2. spend the day studying all of the Love ethics material we have.

        3. finish the puzzle i’ve been working on since I got married

        4. start writing a novel about a hip urban penguin who moves to the country to become a farmer and hilarity insues

        5. See if I can break the world record for how many blogs 1 person can post in a day

        6. find something to do to serve somebody besides myself

        7. This is the “make your own” option. Just put the number 7 in your vote followed by what your idea is

      Ok, well thanks for your participation. and stay tuned for the results!

      Gettin Laid….off, :(

      So I’ve been out of work for like a week, you may have noticed an increase in my basecamp activities. As much as work sucks, not working sucks more!

        I have been calling around to contractors to no avail so far, I have however apparently landed a temporary job constructing sub sandwiches! No matter how many nails I put in them it’s still not the same(j/k).

      My First Post! (they grow up so fast!)

      After hours of grueling labor and an unceasing dedication to burst into the blogosphere, I’ve made it, and some thank yous are in order.

        I would like to thank my parents for raising me to never give up my dreams. I would like to thank Keith for his pateint replies to my unneccesary amount of simplistic questions.

        I would also like to thank Keith for his earnest attempt to design a blog that really showed my feminine side(sorry Keith but i’m just not ready to let it out that way). I’d also like to thank my many anonymous supporters for their hard work and dedication. I never would have even thought to blog without you!
        And finaly, in closing, WOOOT!

      All Glory To Me!

      So apparently I felt that my Blog was gonna be sooo good, that It should be on the main page, since everyone was really only interested in my blog.

        REally I didn’t do it on purpose. It is pretty crazy. I don’t think I should be allowed to do that. I apologize for any technical error on my part.