Faith and Warfare

I’m writing this blog about faith because it has become a huge factor in my life recently. Faith is something that I’ve struggled with a lot since becoming a Christian. Coming from an atheist background, I was completely dependent on myself, and (said at least) I didn’t need any help. Well when I became a Christian, I realized that being self sufficient was failing me and I should place my dependence on God.

Well that didn’t last long and I ended up relying on my own efforts again. God has been working on breaking me down in this area and it has been great, because I know how much my own effort will fail me and trusting in God will show me great results, and actual improvement in my life.

Recently several things have been happening that I know for a fact that the only way to overcome them is to trust in God. The first is the realization that in a couple of weeks I will be entering the University of Akron Battleground. Yes, a battleground. Secondly I’m going to definatley need a new job once school starts. I keep running numbers and coming up with me having to work about thirty to thirty-five hours in order to move out into the ministry house.

In a battleground, there is no room for a soldier to mis-trust his commander. It is the same for God’s battlefield, except the ramifications for not trusting in God could go into eternity. The difference between a worldly Leader and God is obvious, God won’t fail, and he is never wrong.

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