What’s Your Excuse?

What’s up with all the excuses? Instead of inventing an absurd pretext for why something is impossible, why don’t people just come out with the real reason: “I don’t want to.” It may not be a good reason, but at least it’s honest. I can work with honest.

I won’t give specifics, but prior to the amazing SurvivorWoman: Suburban Housewife Edition of camping, I was hearing excuses far less believable than “the dog ate my homework.” It wasn’t only then, either. Neil’s been saying for a long time that we need to collect a list of people’s ridiculous excuses, which would start off with the most infamous one of all: “I didn’t wake up,” and all of its variations.

The day before camping, in the midst of my frustration, I remembered I had a coupon to use for my oil change appointment. I pulled it out and absent-mindedly colored in the letters while talking on the phone. When I hung up, I actually processed what I’d highlighted and then froze, in awe of what my eyes beheld:

They let me keep the coupon!

It’s so true! And I’m guilty too. I did it about canoeing before I changed my mind about it, to name one instance. But it’s time to grow up, take responsibility for our decisions, and drop the unreasonable “reasons” we concoct. Let’s keep it real and admit that it’s not my job, my pet, or my PMS when it’s really that I’m selfish and don’t want to serve anyone. That’s more likely to move us toward change than all the BS.

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