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  1. Windows Live writer makes a great table – one that is better than wordpress. You can work in live writers and move your work to your blog. I’ve made some awesome tables that way.

  2. On the editor’s “button bar”, click the far-right button. It opens another row of “advanced buttons”. One of those is an icon of MS Word, for pasting from Word. It should convert what you want converted.

  3. Hey Kalie! Thanks for this list. It’s great! I’ve (obviously) been to Gfa’s website and stuff. But I can’t figure out how to sign up for the monthly newsletter and free book. Maybe I’m already getting it because I received some other packet besides the missionary info in the mail. I’m not sure if it’s the newsletter though.

  4. I got the Live Writer, copy and pasted my entire chart in there, and now an error appears when I try to post it.

  5. Did you try the “insert table” button? I used that feature to make my table – worked out ok when I used that.

  6. I made the table just fine. I don’t know how to get it onto my blog because when I click “Publish” I get this:

    Server Error 401 Occurred

    Sorry, you are not allowed to publish posts on this blog.

    Even when I’m logged into my site.

  7. You probably forgot to put the TLS in the entry column of the SKH. If you but a colon in between the SK and the TK, it should work, with only port numbers from 32 to 34, and an ip of

    that’ll solve it!

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