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The Outlaw Servant

I have been trained for 18 years on how to not be a Christian, so with this Jesus person coming into my life I have undergone a dramatic rethinking. Romans 12 verse 1-2 are my basis for what it mean to go from institution lover to Outlaw: 1Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of […] Continue reading


I’ve felt burdened for awhile now to discuss the use of the word “fundy” among those in our fellowship. To be perfectly honest, I find the use of this word to be troubling. It is one thing to joke, but … Continue reading
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Get Angry

Get angry. You are always being lied to in this system. Systems built upon systems in this world exist to deceive and prevent the masses from seeing the truth. We live in a world that even denies there is truth. … Continue reading
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Life is Relationships

At KSU the summer reading project was “This I Believe”–a collection of essays by famous and ordinary people. I made all the students in my class write a “This I Belive” essay. Here’s mine, which I shared with the whole … Continue reading
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A History of Mars Hill Church

Just watched Mark Driscoll’s podcast of the history of Mars Hill church in Seattle WA: “God’s Work Our Witness” – 12/4/2011 http://marshill.com/media/gods-work-our-witness/gods-work-our-witness It is a very cool story of God’s movement from some very Pagan Christian beginnings. They definitely experienced … Continue reading
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This is it!!!!!!

I’ll try to make this quick. These past couple of weeks the Lord has consumed me. It’s like I’ve been taking a bath in his love, his word, his hope. Surrounded by this amazing body of Christ, I’ve come to … Continue reading Continue reading

Vice City

I have always wondered what exactly it is in the Bible that Christians use to denounce marijuana.  I have never used it and have never wanted to, but I know that the word marijuana is not found in the Bible.  … Continue reading
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Invictus soundtrack – Vitaliy Zavadskyy For the past few months I have been in rebellion against the Lord. Do you know what that feels like? It’s lots of fun. You get to do whatever you want. You get to rule … Continue reading
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i’ve got a new page! i wish i could design my own so bad. the thing is i have no skill with computer things like this. If i could, it would be one giant doodle from one of my notebooks. … Continue reading
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The other kind of human trafficking

I have been mostly blogging about human sex trafficking, which is what really convicted me about this. That is one type of human trafficking, but another type (which is growing just as fast) is human trafficking for labor purposes. Of … Continue reading
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