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Be Ye Outlaws

God delivers an outrageous command in Leviticus 11:44: “Be holy, for I am holy.” But it’s impossible to be like God, so why did He command this? Continue reading Continue reading

A new approach to Christianity: Part 4


The paradox of Joy Think of all the things that make you feel Joyful. A few things that can make people feel joyful is money, drinking, drugs, sex, work, deceiving, getting a new computer etc. The problem is these feelings of joy are very short lived and ultimately end up becoming more of a burden […] Continue reading

Insight from @WiredFeed

The Jerusalem Syndrome: Why Some Religious Tourists Believe They Are the Messiah: Jerusalem, with its mosaic of … http://t.co/tCtUBRw7 — @WiredFeed Continue reading

Where Will the Lord Lead?

Our weekend in Buffalo is gonna be a blast!  What is the Lord up to? Whatever it is, it has something to do with advancing His kingdom into the pagan world, and I’m all for that! I think our upcoming … Continue reading
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You are richer than you think. Or are you?

What if you found out you are one of the richest persons in the world? Would that change your outlook on what you have and what you do with it? Maybe you don’t feel that rich, I know I don’t … Continue reading
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Updates from the decline of Christianity in America

OK, I ain’t blogged in three months. But I was stirred from slumber by some recent news from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, the Barna site, and a new e-book “Reaching the College Tribes.” First; Check out … Continue reading Continue reading

New Salvations!

Two guys in our Jr High cell have received Christ in the past week!
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@TheAtlantic: Graduates forced to take service jobs outside their fields

Compelling photographs of graduates forced to take service jobs outside their fields http://t.co/oEpLc0fQ via @in_focus — @TheAtlantic Continue reading

Great Prophecy Books – current events and the Bible

Interested in prophecy? Looking for good study group material? These books make great resources.

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The “Red White and Blue,” the Black, and the Gray Religious Markets

An Iranian pastor arrested in 2009 was convicted of “apostasy” for turning from Islam to Christianity. He was sentenced to death because he would not recant his faith, and he may already have been executed before you read this blog. … Continue reading
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