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What’s in a blog?

Is it just a grungy WordPress theme, combined with some thoughts and rants? Is it trying to teach people what I know? (Or, rather, what I think I know?) Is it trying to be funny and entertaining, and liked by whatever readers I may be lucky enough to garner? Should one spill deepest emotions out […] Continue reading

How many outfits does it take to get to California?

After about a month of agonizing and overanalyzing, we finally pulled the trigger and bought plane tickets to San Diego. Neil was going for work, I had never been to SoCal, and so we made our first family plane trip. … Continue reading
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So You Think You Can Dance?

The playground antics of elementary-school boys are at once comical and revolting. As miniature men, they compete relentlessly, and turning down a dare is social suicide, with effects that reverberate through high school. Eating bugs, jumping from the jungle gym, … Continue reading Continue reading

Insight from @WiredFeed

The Jerusalem Syndrome: Why Some Religious Tourists Believe They Are the Messiah: Jerusalem, with its mosaic of … http://t.co/tCtUBRw7 — @WiredFeed Continue reading


  I’m in high school. (I don’t know if you could tell through the obvious extreme maturity level. I’m legit though, my English teacher wrote that i was super-mature on the teach recommendation for post-sec. legit, too legit to quit. … Continue reading
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Wolven Legacies

In the dead of night I tread the path as usual. Everything’s familiar; the trees, the chirp of local insects, the cold earth beneath my pads. It’s too peaceful! Like the war isn’t even happening! Nobody’s found us yet, I … Continue reading
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Giants in the Land

I can’t believe he’s finally here, and already three months old. I definitely can believe it’s taken me three months to finally get back to blogging! I never even posted my last blog about being pregnant (site wasn’t working) and … Continue reading Continue reading

A Little Drummer Boy.

As we begin to learn more about the life of Jesus, his ministry, and the values and truths that he taught his disciples, (or, more accurately, as we learn more and more how much we have yet to learn,) we start to notice things that we otherwise would not. “Little Drummer Boy” is a tune […] Continue reading

New Salvations!

Two guys in our Jr High cell have received Christ in the past week!
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Baby & Beta

It’s been way too long since I blogged. So to catch up… The day we left for our annual Florida camping trip, I found out I’m pregnant. Naturally I was nervous at first but next week is my ultrasound and … Continue reading
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