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    Hey everybody, I have a blog. (AND I’m going to write in it!). I don’t know if you guys know this, but I suck at talking and writing. People tell me I’m on drugs or something. I don’t know … Continue reading
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Experiences with my iPod

Have you been considering the purchase of an MP3 player? If I were you, I would not get an iPod unless you are willing to sacrifice functionality for trend following. The iPod has some limitations, despite the extreme popularity of … Continue reading
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Prom: The Lion’s Den

Love is in the air. Girls are primming up for what they hope to be the highlight of their high school careers. Beauty shops across the country explode with business from a year of girls striving for that ideal look. … Continue reading
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NeoXenos DMT Retreat 2009

The NeoXenos DMT Retreat of 2009 was the most edifying leaders’ retreat to date. We gathered in Marblehead, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie at the Rock of Ages Retreat Center. This year the number of leaders exceeded the … Continue reading Continue reading

The Land of the Dead

I write things. Poems and stories mostly. I don’t write as often as I would like, nor do I write as well as I would like. But I do write, and I tend to like what I write pretty well. I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems with you guys, and explain some […] Continue reading

Time to Regret

“My Way” Show me a man claiming to have no regrets and I’ll show you a liar, or at very least, a person skewed by pride. Ol’ Blue Eyes was full of shit. Our days are full of missed opportunities … Continue reading
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A man I never met

so last night before cell group i somehow stumbled upon a youtube video that Keith made back in 2003 about his deceased brother Buck McCallum.  If you don’t know who Buck is, his full name is Scot McCallum, but for … Continue reading
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Back Again

Well, I’ve decided to come back to my blog, after I found out my user name again. Within the next couple days I’m going to think of a new topic and blog about it. I think this might be a … Continue reading Continue reading

Driscoll Attacks England – is Mark losing his mind?

We all know and love Mark Driscoll as a straight-shootin’, rootin’-tootin’ cowboy unafraid to “keep it real” with his tongue, even though he goes overboard, at times, by his own admission. We at Xenos certainly enjoyed a front-row seat at one of Drisoll’s cantankerous conversations (or “temper-tantrums”) a few years ago. It’s an amusing interview, […] Continue reading

Hope Exists.

God’s been showing me some things. It’s been hard, painful even, there were times when I just didn’t understand why things were happening, but damn, I am so thankful that the pain happened. It’s so obvious. I regret those nights … Continue reading
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