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My First Post! (they grow up so fast!)

After hours of grueling labor and an unceasing dedication to burst into the blogosphere, I’ve made it, and some thank yous are in order. I would like to thank my parents for raising me to never give up my dreams. … Continue reading
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A Little Drummer Boy.

As we begin to learn more about the life of Jesus, his ministry, and the values and truths that he taught his disciples, (or, more accurately, as we learn more and more how much we have yet to learn,) we start to notice things that we otherwise would not. “Little Drummer Boy” is a tune […] Continue reading

Why I Went Natural

Don’t worry, it was for selfish reasons. Is it just me or is natural childbirth making a comeback? Maybe I just wasn’t in the loop before I got pregnant but when I read the statistics on how many people go … Continue reading
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Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

Ya, so I’m guessing that you guys are thinking that I am going to write about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Well the title is completely misleading. I just wanted to write a blog about what’s been going on … Continue reading
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The Outlaw Servant

I have been trained for 18 years on how to not be a Christian, so with this Jesus person coming into my life I have undergone a dramatic rethinking. Romans 12 verse 1-2 are my basis for what it mean to go from institution lover to Outlaw: 1Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of […] Continue reading


Searching through old things is always thought provoking Although sometimes I find reminants of painful reminders. A rock of all things leaves me breathless, and heart throbbing Reminded of her, her deep desire for the Lord, her interest in geology … Continue reading Continue reading

Modern Miracle

So, I have been blogging about Human trafficking lately, but now I am going to take time to talk about me. Ha ha ha. Well, remember that blog entitles “I’m an Idiot?” I said I would update about my situation, … Continue reading
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Driscoll Attacks England – is Mark losing his mind?

We all know and love Mark Driscoll as a straight-shootin’, rootin’-tootin’ cowboy unafraid to “keep it real” with his tongue, even though he goes overboard, at times, by his own admission. We at Xenos certainly enjoyed a front-row seat at one of Drisoll’s cantankerous conversations (or “temper-tantrums”) a few years ago. It’s an amusing interview, […] Continue reading

Adventures in LaLa Land

Hate New York City It’s cold and it’s damp And all the people dress like monkeys Let’s leave Chicago to the Eskimos That town’s a little but too rugged For you and me, babe   Rollin’ down the Imperial Highway … Continue reading
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Welcome to Zombieland

Well today has been a sweet day, pulled an all-nighter, slept through my first two classes (oopsy daisy), could barely keep my eyes open in Chem (but didn’t sleep through it), had discipleship with Joel and Tom, studied for my … Continue reading
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