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Why I Went Natural

Don’t worry, it was for selfish reasons. Is it just me or is natural childbirth making a comeback? Maybe I just wasn’t in the loop before I got pregnant but when I read the statistics on how many people go … Continue reading
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Why this waste? — Part I

The first in a series on suffering why Christians sacrifice the way they do. Continue reading
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Lab Leader

So in Chemistry class we do labs and boring stuff. But labs are better. We get into Lab groups and the teacher appoints a leader for each group by saying stuff like: “Whoever has the birthday that’s closest to Christmas … Continue reading
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The Saddest Lie, Part 2: Can’t Complain

Hey man, how’s it going? Eh’, can’t complain. Are you kidding me? Why can’t you complain? This world is terrible! I know that there is only one thing that makes me feel like I can’t complain. That one thing is God. I know most of the time at school or at the office I especially […] Continue reading

The Land of the Dead

I write things. Poems and stories mostly. I don’t write as often as I would like, nor do I write as well as I would like. But I do write, and I tend to like what I write pretty well. I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems with you guys, and explain some […] Continue reading

Red Skelton Was a Funny Guy

Some folks were commenting on Facebook about this ‘Red’ video and I felt inspired to write. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZBTyTWOZCM[/youtube] The timing of the creation of this old video is interesting – the year before the Kent State shootings of 1970. Red Skelton … Continue reading
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The Pretender

I have had an interesting couple of days this past week.  Many things have come into my mind, and many things are finally being resolved, some more positive than others.  Well I had a revelation this weekend, and things need … Continue reading
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Sin boldly, embrace grace fervently!

(excerpts from  “Hidden in Plain Sight”, by Mark Buchanan  and Martin Luther:) “…life itself implicates us in sin and compromise: just getting out of bed this morning was act of thrusting a fallen man into a sin-wracked world, and some … Continue reading
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Risk-n-Rest – Understanding "God’s Rest" in Hebrews

The Christian life really should be called “Risk-n-Rest”. It may sound odd, but it was evident at our FST retreat.

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You are richer than you think. Or are you?

What if you found out you are one of the richest persons in the world? Would that change your outlook on what you have and what you do with it? Maybe you don’t feel that rich, I know I don’t … Continue reading
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