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My Redeemer Lives

Today I heard some sad news. A woman who was a fitness class teacher at the Natatorium passed away after a battle with leukemia. I didn’t know her well, but just from taking her classes I could tell she was … Continue reading
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Second Chances

well this is it my 1st blog. lets see what do i talk about. I can talk about anything even my problems. And we all know i have problems…. haha. Oh boy  Well lets start out with problem number 1.. … Continue reading
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To: The High Schoolers, Introduction and Part 1: Dont Take High School For Granted

INTRODUCTION This is a “Learn from my mistakes” type blog. I’ve made a lot of mistakes growing up through high school, so I have decided to share them with you. The point of this post and the several others that will follow, is to inform you of which mistakes I made. Eleanor Roosevelt put it […] Continue reading

The Saddest Lie

How are you doing? Good. Ninety percent of the time (rough guess) you will get that answer or different variations of the same thing. Sometimes its the truth. If someone asked me right now how I was doing, I’d say good. Although I know I would say the same thing if I was doing bad. […] Continue reading

Cell Retreat

So I’m feeling extra-rejuvinated after this here retreat. Seriously. I taught. Usually when I teach, I’m like: “Um, Jesus, um, loves you, um, i think, um, maybe, um, yes, um, i think you’ve, um, got it by, um, now.” Super bad, … Continue reading
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Prayer: a weapon against the Mel mind!

So i really should be working on a number of things right now.  My grades in College are sort of suffering as we speak.  My Old Testamant survey homework is due in two days and i have only done a … Continue reading
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What the &*%! Is Wrong With Cussing?

What the *#$! Is Wrong With Cussing? When I first starting coming to Xenos, my biggest point of conflict with the group was not the smoking.  My problem did not lie with the group’s condoning of alcohol or the absence of singing.  I already was a smoker and took the occasional nightcap.  In my former […] Continue reading

Just a 4 letter word?

Sooo… I was reading, but then I remembered I got a new Bible So I started going through and writing down a couple of my favorite verses. I noticed a common theme in these verses: Love. The sacrifice behind these … Continue reading Continue reading

Wait for the Lord

On the way home from the hospital, a voice pleaded, “Why, God? Why?” I learned so much the first time, but what was this supposed to teach me? No idea. “Wait for the Lord.” That funny phrase from the Old … Continue reading Continue reading

@mashable: Switchover to IPv6 will make Internet faster and better for advertising

Switchover to IPv6 will make Internet faster and better for advertising – http://t.co/knr1VeMg — @mashable Continue reading

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