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Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (2010)

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The Couch-Potato Wars

Our reputation for “American Innovation” and “Yankee Know-How” was justified again when the world discovered America was the first to launch Cyber Warfare. It’s an entirely new dimension to war, but a logical progression from Predator Drone attacks where soldiers sitting at terminals in Langley, Virginia hunt and kill Al Qaida terrorists on the other […] Continue reading

The “Red White and Blue,” the Black, and the Gray Religious Markets

An Iranian pastor arrested in 2009 was convicted of “apostasy” for turning from Islam to Christianity. He was sentenced to death because he would not recant his faith, and he may already have been executed before you read this blog. … Continue reading
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To Be a Refuge

I have been so afraid. So fearful. It is so easy to fall into the temptation of just following myself. I think that I know what I’m doing with my life, but in all reality, I don’t. When we, as … Continue reading
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Prom Night.

I write about happy things sometimes. This isn’t one of those times. To anyone who has had an experience like this, of innocence destroyed, I am profoundly sorry. First that you have had the experience, and doubly so that I now bring that experience back to you. The Prom… the highlight of a young girl’s […] Continue reading

Simon Says

I had to get that title out of the way. But for real, life does kind of feel like that sometimes now. Parenting is confusing because I don’t want to be child-centered and raise my kid to think the world … Continue reading Continue reading

A new approach to Christianity: Part 1


It was a feeling that I shall not so forget. The realization of a social revolution 2000 years in the making ignites a fire in the core of my heart, consuming me. It had been in my face the whole time but I was to blind by lust and arrogance to realize the truth. What […] Continue reading

Back Again

Well, I’ve decided to come back to my blog, after I found out my user name again. Within the next couple days I’m going to think of a new topic and blog about it. I think this might be a … Continue reading
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Hello world!

Welcome to Neoblogs.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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Collaborative Initiative

One of the organizations I am in contact with is called the Collaborative Initiative to end human trafficking. They emailed me a lot of useful information including pamphlets that sum up what the problem is very well. To make things … Continue reading Continue reading

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