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Hello world!

For as much as I like to talk I can’t believe I haven’t entered into the world of blogging yet. The nice thing about this, I don’t even have to worry if anyone is really listening. I can just talk … Continue reading
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@TheAtlantic: The plight of Vietnam’s ‘mail-order’ brides

The plight of Vietnam’s ‘mail-order’ brides http://t.co/072KFBxk — @TheAtlantic Continue reading

A New Life, Part 1 – a personal story

I thought I was the rare person who almost exploded to death, but Mom said she knew a lady in Kenya whose guts split open. By the time they rushed her to a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, gangrene was growing inside her, and she died the next day (gangrene grows fast in Kenya). Anyway, my […] Continue reading

Master Criminal, Life Loser

Myles Connor’s book, The Art of the Heist, is a big brag about his career as a criminal. Continue reading
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Where is the Love?

Well it’s like 2:30 AM and i am up late, listening to some soothing tunes. I haven’t gotten out a real personal blog in a while. However, I don’t think this one will be too sweet like my old ones … Continue reading
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Hello world!

Welcome to Neoblogs.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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Speak to your Heart

I often find myself struggling with negative thoughts in my mind.  Usually about myself, how I’m not good enough or wise enough or smart enough, etc.  I came across a lecture by Luther on Galations and in reading it I found … Continue reading
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What makes us different?

I’ve always been grateful for the things that Xenos does different. Some jump to the conclusion that we are a cult because we aren’t the same as every other church. The problem is the world has become accustomed to the type of church the Lord himself taught against. The question is, what does make us […] Continue reading

The Shit Hits the Fan

It’s hit or miss time with this Ministry House. All of us who are moving out have the money in hand and finally have a nice little house in Kent picked out. Sunday is the day we sign our names … Continue reading
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Wanna date your brother?

Thought I would post some excerpts from an article in Brio Magazine – definately worth a read.  “Tim and I (authors of the article) have worked with and talked to thousands of teens and have learned that being friends with guys/ girls is … Continue reading
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