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Imparting Outlaw Faith – training in spiritual warfare

Ravenous wolves oppose the emancipation of humanity, so how do we impart a fighting spirit into new generations of Jesus People?

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Best Buy and Black Keys

Whoo!! This week has been a doozy. Many crazy events have taken place to certainly be remembered for eternity. That Christmas Gala was such a refreshing and encouraging experience to take part in. I actually enjoyed singing my little heart … Continue reading
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The Nature of the Outlaw

“Outlaw” Characters: Katrina and I went to see Robin Hood last night. What an “outlaw” – and this is just the pre-quill. I think it will become more evident in the sequel. He does live outside the law of the … Continue reading
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Hope is this thing that is so rare. Hope is like letting a blind man see Hope is light when all else is dark Hope is being wrong, but being okay. Hope is when you realize that you are not … Continue reading
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Hello world!

Welcome to Neoblogs.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! There are many options available to you as you customize and work with your new blog, but don’t get confused! Begin with the simplest things. … Continue reading
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College or Bust!

  “Get good grades!” “Study beyond what is required!” “You’ll never get into a good College if you keep this up!” “How will you provide for the family if you don’t have a “real” job!”   Worldly Knowledge over Godly … Continue reading
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What would happen if Christians rioted every time their Savior and Lord was insulted? Western civilization would be reduced to ashes, I think. It raises the question of why Christians seem so apathetic about blasphemy—it even begs the question why Jesus was so apathetic about it. Is it apathy, or wisdom? 50 Shades of Blasphemy […] Continue reading

Is it worth it?

Leave me here where I can look at the lights and people’s fights. Leave me here as an ambivalent observer who lives off of the scene, but never in it. Leave me here to figure my way out alone. Leave … Continue reading Continue reading

The Toronto Experience – the quest for Pagan Christians

What happened when NeoXenos went to Toronto? For one thing, pimps and brothels got legalized…

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