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The Gratitude Project

“Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready holler, I!”  Me, that’s who’s not ready. Today, October 31st is upon us. Happy Halloween, Friends. Tomorrow welcomes the month of November and I’m so… not ready. Are you? What’s a frantic, fall loving gal like … Continue reading
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The Body Electric

I sing the Body electric, With much more melody than Whitman, For I sing a Body that is even more beautiful Than that which is made with fear and wonder. I sing the Body eclectic, Made up of many members, … Continue reading Continue reading

What’s the Big Deal About Justification by Faith?

I have always been fascinated by Romans 5-8. If ever I doubt the inspiration of Scripture, I think of these four chapters. Only God could be so brilliant! So often, however, we take the theology there for granted. I believe … Continue reading Continue reading

Shiver Slave

I wrote this poem about 8 years ago while working night shift making printing plates. My supervisor was lax enough that I could frequently get away with breaking the monotony of my work duties by penning epics such as this. In remembering the writing of this poem, I can only recall that it came so […] Continue reading


I’ve been reading the Jesus Freaks Martyr book and  just finished reading a story about how a few young children were ready to die for their faith because they knew it was the truth. Sunday school children. When they were … Continue reading
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One Crazy Night

1st period… The most boring class of the day starts at 7:30 AM and seems to take eons to finish. I did not expect much from my psychology class that morning, but that was before my world got flipped upside … Continue reading Continue reading

Go Love Someone

We’re Shooting Ourselves in the Head There is a grievous misunderstanding in the modern church that Christ calls us to revolution of action and that there is where He stops.  It is similar to Israel’s misunderstanding that the Messiah would overthrow governing bodies and establish a kingdom on earth.  Christ calls us to so much more than […] Continue reading

A History of Mars Hill Church

Just watched Mark Driscoll’s podcast of the history of Mars Hill church in Seattle WA: “God’s Work Our Witness” – 12/4/2011 http://marshill.com/media/gods-work-our-witness/gods-work-our-witness It is a very cool story of God’s movement from some very Pagan Christian beginnings. They definitely experienced … Continue reading
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A new approach to Christianity: Part 3


The Paradox of Love The question arises, all the great revolutions have been fought with weapons, violence, and hate; how else can you win?  You win with love. The world system is a depraved and very powerful system but still no match for the amazing revolution driven by love and grace that Jesus came to […] Continue reading

Let the Shun Fun Begin!

Well, Keithy and CD and Icy and Joey are all having their fun talkin bout shunnin! But what’s so scary bout this shunnin stuff anyway? I guess since shunning is part of our normal practice here at xenos let’s do … Continue reading
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