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Mother Earth

So I was catching up on some news online and ran accross this quote “The enduring hostility to wolves still exists,” said Earthjustice attorney Doug Honnold, who is preparing the lawsuit. “We’re going to have hundreds of wolves killed under … Continue reading
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All Glory To Me!

So apparently I felt that my Blog was gonna be sooo good, that It should be on the main page, since everyone was really only interested in my blog. REally I didn’t do it on purpose. It is pretty crazy. … Continue reading
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The Gratitude Project

“Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready holler, I!”  Me, that’s who’s not ready. Today, October 31st is upon us. Happy Halloween, Friends. Tomorrow welcomes the month of November and I’m so… not ready. Are you? What’s a frantic, fall loving gal like … Continue reading
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LIMITS. My mind is big. It has a lot of space. It’s easy for two feet to lose their place. My voice it echos. My cry unheard. Just a voice in the wind, in my own mind. In my own … Continue reading Continue reading

Laws of Life

Well I decided that I’d post a piece of writing I did last year and won an award for (got a whole $75.00!). The premise of the paper was to write about a law that you live by and the … Continue reading Continue reading

An interesting title that “pops out” at you from your RSS feed.

I think I’ve waited long enough for the people who thought I’d put up a blog to give up all hope.  So now that everyone’s given up on me, I present to you, a blog.  Snap!  Gotcha!  To all the … Continue reading
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Why I Went Natural

Don’t worry, it was for selfish reasons. Is it just me or is natural childbirth making a comeback? Maybe I just wasn’t in the loop before I got pregnant but when I read the statistics on how many people go … Continue reading
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Successful business woman vs. Stay at home mom

SO, I have this professor for English Composition 2, he is very strange. Once, in class, I said something about how men should lead households and something about how men are natural leaders. He replied with: “You think men should … Continue reading Continue reading

The origin of information … so much for science burying God.

This blog appears to have not been published back in 2009 when it was written for some reason — it’s a continuation of the review of Lennox’s book “God’s Undertaker”   In the past, the design arguments have been critiqued … Continue reading
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Additional Thoughts on Reaching the Campus Tribes

Joel turned us on the the e-book by Benson Hines entitled: Reaching the Campus Tribes (www.reachingthecampustribes.com) and has been blogging about it (http://jhughes.neoblogs.org/2009/07/reaching-the-campus-tribes-review-part-2/). I just finished reading the book and thought it very worthwhile. Thanks Joel for searching this stuff out! … Continue reading Continue reading

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