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There is nothing more important than the relationships we make in this life. Who was your first friend? I am sure you remember and wish you could go back in time and be friends again. As we grow up we … Continue reading
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Baby & Beta

It’s been way too long since I blogged. So to catch up… The day we left for our annual Florida camping trip, I found out I’m pregnant. Naturally I was nervous at first but next week is my ultrasound and … Continue reading
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Welcome to Zombieland

Well today has been a sweet day, pulled an all-nighter, slept through my first two classes (oopsy daisy), could barely keep my eyes open in Chem (but didn’t sleep through it), had discipleship with Joel and Tom, studied for my … Continue reading
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Hello world! I’m done with school, but I simply cannot stop writing. I know, I am not even that great of a writer, it is just the only way I can really express myself! (Have you heard me mumble out … Continue reading Continue reading

Part 1: The Success of Imperfection

Whenever a fellow Christian gets tied up in arguing about God’s law and seems to salivate every time You broke it just now and I caught you! Ha! the first thing that comes to my mind is that that Christian probably has zero non-Christian friends. For my part, when I’m actively involved in evangelism, I don’t have […] Continue reading

Young adults are less religious

Well, tell me something I don’t know. This story appeared on the front page of USA today or online at: http://www.usatoday.com/news/religion/2010-04-27-1Amillfaith27_ST_N.htm “Most young adults (18-29) today don’t pray, don’t worship, and don’t read the bible.” Thom Rainer, who wrote Breakout … Continue reading
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Holy Crap

Thanks to a loving sister, Jackie Leon, being interested in the human trafficking cause, I discovered this truly moving testimony of a prostitute turn to the Lord. Really powerful. Check it out! (It’s like the first 3 minutes. It’s part of the … Continue reading
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Elephant Room Comes to Cleveland – conference of controversy

Well, it’s not really coming here… Round 2 of the conference, which “features blunt conversations between seven influential pastors who take differing approaches to ministry. No keynotes. No canned messages,” will take place this coming Wednesday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Harvest Studios, in Aurora Illinois. Why is this relevant to us? The […] Continue reading

Hell on Earth

Well as i was driving to Columbus this weekend my car blew up.  Ya sort of, well long story short i had it towed back to stow and then to hemphills house then he tells me i need a new … Continue reading
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Mr. Smith Teaches Us a Lesson About Love

Well, tonight I had the honor of watching a wonderful movie classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A movie I thought at first was too old for my liking. I have an affinity for special effects, high definition, and abstract, … Continue reading
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