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The California Adventure – Elaine et al

We were super psyched after meeting with the three JF’s (Jesus Freaks) the day before and we wanted to visit Elaine Stedman on Monday; however, the trip is a long one (over seven hours to Medford Oregon) and we were … Continue reading
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Hello world!

Welcome to Neoblogs.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! There are many options available to you as you customize and work with your new blog, but don’t get confused! Begin with the simplest things. … Continue reading
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I have a burden. The burden is for missions. And there is a lingering  thought that comes with it.:”Is it a real burden?” This has been a mighty struggle. Having thoughts of traveling so far from my comfort zone leaves me … Continue reading
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Insight from @WiredFeed

The Jerusalem Syndrome: Why Some Religious Tourists Believe They Are the Messiah: Jerusalem, with its mosaic of … http://t.co/tCtUBRw7 — @WiredFeed Continue reading


I feel stupid writing about myself on this thing. Do people really want to read this? I like joe’s blogs, but I always forget the sweet thoughts like that. What do you even write about anyway? Continue reading

More faith.

The more I seek to love others and hear their struggle, the more I fall back on the Lord. The more real he becomes. It’s not that I didn’t believe in him, it’s that we’re growing closer. Our relationship is … Continue reading
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Young adults are less religious

Well, tell me something I don’t know. This story appeared on the front page of USA today or online at: http://www.usatoday.com/news/religion/2010-04-27-1Amillfaith27_ST_N.htm “Most young adults (18-29) today don’t pray, don’t worship, and don’t read the bible.” Thom Rainer, who wrote Breakout … Continue reading
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Spoiled, Rich Kids

It’s graduation time for millions of spoiled, little rich kids celebrating the completion of their brainwashing. Is it too hard to believe? Not according to God’s Word, which claims “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving.” If this is true, then how does it work? “A mind is a terrible […] Continue reading

The Body Electric

I sing the Body electric, With much more melody than Whitman, For I sing a Body that is even more beautiful Than that which is made with fear and wonder. I sing the Body eclectic, Made up of many members, … Continue reading Continue reading

Wolven Legacies

In the dead of night I tread the path as usual. Everything’s familiar; the trees, the chirp of local insects, the cold earth beneath my pads. It’s too peaceful! Like the war isn’t even happening! Nobody’s found us yet, I … Continue reading
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