Laurie Anderson

Very rarely do I even try and review a musician’s show, but this one I must. As the lights dim I am totally ignorant of what to expect from Laurie. The lights come up as she is singing a song about a fictional period when the earth was nothing but air and birds. The birds are just flying aimlessly. Her story goes that one of the birds dies and the question arises, “what do we do with the body?” A Lark then has the idea to bury the bird in his head, and thus the first form of memory is introduced to this bird world. At this point I am willing to recognize her interesting imagination and am more at rest about how the rest of the show will be. She then, using a voice changer, talks about some political issues assuming the identity of the government officials. “Ok”, I say to myself, “everyone has different opinions on political issues.” She hits the typical issues: the wars, the presidental race, free speech, etc, etc. She talks about a story of a woman volunteering to be in the military because she has no other way to pay for college. Thats where I had to stop and think. Not only is there so much money available for college for anyone whose anyone, but you could work and go to school. Heck, I did it. Sure I had to take loans too, but I did it. She then continues on about how the military is at fault for her volunteering. Either Laurie has a giant misconception on volunteering, i.e. she thinks that if someone volunteers for the military they should not be subject to a war situation, or she thinks that the military should never engage in war. Well it becomes clear that she believes the later. Which raises the question, why does the military even exist? She talks about how great everything was in all the countries before the
US military invaded and disrupted the peace. I’m sorry but thats simply ignorant not to mention the fact that if someone volunteers for an organization that is used to engage in battle and then doesn’t like it, thats their fault. Mixed with this and attacks on evangelicals she completely lost my interest. This concert overall was very poorly presented. At best the attendees are those that believe exactly like her and are her “followers.” The way that she attacked such controversial issues would never attract anyone new, and certainly not me. Her “music” if you could call it that, was poorly organized with really random tempo changes and at times so many sounds you could not pick out exactly what was playing, but I must give her credit. She has made money off of all this.  

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  1. kmcc says:

    You paid money for her concert? OMG. Well, at least you got a good blog-a-doodle out of it, Rye! It makes me cry…

    It is astonishing what Infantiles the world is filled with, isn’t it?

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